Double Decker Carousel
Double Decker Carousel
Double Decker Carousel

Double Decker Carousel

This is a beatiful modern, example of the classic carousel ride.

Intricately decorated in a Vinetian style, the carousel has two tiers of fabulous horses and seating arrangements joined by two golden staircases.

The seating options include rocking horses, galloping horses, or still horses, to suit the fussiest of equine tastes. As well as Kissing Carriages for those with romantic tendancies, a spinning cup and an ornate sitting chariot.

This is a gentle ride that small children will love and families can enjoy together.

*Suitable for those with disabilites and wheel chair users



Rules & Restrictions
  • Children under 1m must be accompanied by an adult

Opening Times

Mon - Thurs: Closed Friday: 4pm to 9pm Sat - Sun: 12 noon to 9pm

Entry Only £3!(Per Person)

Token Prices:
Tokens    £1.20 each  OR   10 for £10

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